Registration of personal information register your name, address and invoice to its customer list in connection with the acquisition. The information advanced is not given, but registration is kept for five years.

When paying by credit card happens via a secure server where the information is encrypted.

All prices include VAT. 25% VAT  incl. all taxes.
Assortment and prices change constantly and without notice. However, you are always assured
the price agreed at the time of buying.
Payment can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Shipping and Delivery
Delivery is normally within 4-5 working days in Europe and between 5-15 days for USA, Australia, New Zealand.
The order will come directly to your door. If that has been more than 5 days since you have order and you still have not receive your order please contact us so we can send you the track and trace, because maybe the post delivery did not find your address and you need to call them, in your own country and give them the track and trace and schedule a new delivery with them.

Price for shipping are:
The price for shipping are different from country to country and is not the same for everyone, you will find the price for your country when you enter the country at the checkout.


For product without personal engraving we have 14 days return policy and they must be in the same condition as you got them.

The buyer pays for the return shipping cost.

There is no return right for product with personal engraving or something we make especially for you. That is the same in all other shops that do personally engraved jewelry and not just at our shop.
Please contact us before sending any returns items

When receives a complaint about a product, we process the complaint as soon as possible. We will decide whether the product should be replaced or to be given a price reduction.